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Academy Of The Martial Way | Flagstaff Family Martial Arts Studio

by Steve

flagstaff martial artsmartial arts studentsAt the Academy of the Martial Way Taekwondo Center in Flagstaff, our mission is to use martial arts to assist our students in successfully developing their minds, bodies, and character to their fullest potentials. As a personal development center we use the vehicle of the martial arts to help students reach that sometimes elusive next level in their lives, from age 7 to 95.

Through the practice of martial arts, specifically through Taekwondo, we learn and grow to become more flexible, calmer, stronger, and more confident than we ever thought possible. I invite you to study martial arts at the Academy of the Martial Way. Allow us to assist you (and/or your child) in taking those first steps on the path towards achieving your FULL POTENTIAL.

Yes there is class tonight. Be safe!

by Mechelle

Yes we will have class tonight. The last two classes will keep be combined. They will meet at 6:45. If you feel the roads are too icy, snowy and dangerous, please feel free to practice independently at home this evening. Everyone let’s be safe!



by Mechelle

Thank you to all the Warriors who showed up today to fight against hunger here in Flagstaff. We spent a few hours at the flagstaff family food center today making sandwiches, handing out lunches and preparing food for dinner. Thank you for your hard work. It made my heart full and happy to see all of you working side by side to help those in need. Be the change you want to see! That’s what we did today!934726_1252208308129418_7045731759761957262_n 10310536_1252208251462757_2076938754862034061_n 12592494_1252208208129428_2460015703833808886_n 12592784_1252208578129391_1595408002990846039_n 12631490_1252208134796102_1510603355558718993_n 12642766_1252207874796128_4640841271246583633_n 12644799_1252208281462754_300566607209043859_n 12645060_1252208494796066_7907244681286675814_n 12646998_1252208161462766_5400001243717172211_n 12647047_1252208374796078_299462651440429555_n 12647061_1252208344796081_8769126032995364874_n 12647180_1252208091462773_5196268376173462809_n 12647268_1252208538129395_3015913859630771008_n 12647426_1252207981462784_2176553947112618446_n 12651286_1252208398129409_6020710314879030130_n 12654301_1252207948129454_2535035324490027718_n 12654396_1252208468129402_8469317461020380185_n 12661749_1252208438129405_1247730908316988256_n 12662507_1252207931462789_1453439284821659557_n 12669478_1252207891462793_1129655764382776818_n 12669597_1252207921462790_8893085045438264256_n 12669660_1252208058129443_7522981180810595925_n

Feeding the Need!

by Mechelle

feed the needWe are serving at the northern Arizona family Food Center today! From 12:30 to 230. It is on the corner of 4th Street and 4th Avenue. Across the street from la Fonda’s Mexican restaurant. See you there! Thanks for all the support!

See you in class Monday!

by Mechelle

AMW Open on MLK Day

Thanks for showing up!

by Mechelle

0109161030b 0109161030 0109161025b 0109161025agreat class everyone!